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Yong Qing Maison

As one of the landmarks of Yongqing Fang, the Grand Theater is an important and representative part. In this way, the client expected to make the building serve as the investment promotion center of the whole renovation project so as to revitalize the building. The top priority of the design is how to retain its intrinsic characteristics and appearance and inject new originality into the building. Therefore, the designers used the contrast of the old and the new, the past and the present to renovate the interior space. At the same time, various elements like light and shadow, and reality and fantasy are applied into the design, because the designers hoped to integrate objects from different ages. Considering that the original site was an old famous movie theater, the design team also wished to rejuvenate the theater by using new design methods and materials to reinterpret the original space and lights to create a sense of layers.

本案是將老舊電影院改造為招商中心,活化其商業功能。作為永慶坊的地標之一, 設計師利用簡單的對比手法,以“新與舊,現在與過去之間”的概念創造多變的空間層次, 同時將光與影、現實與虛構等設計元素應用到空間中,既保留了原有的特色及面貌,又賦予空間新的生命力。

Project Area丨334sqm

Project Location丨Guangzhou

Project Type丨Exhibition Design

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