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The design team of MAG Studio has gathered world-leading designers. The core team is from an international design company and has more than ten years of creative design experience at home and abroad. We have insight into every detail, analyze every space, improve every function, and control every step. Relying on our top design experience and sophisticated practice of project implementation, our designs are created on the basis of precise project positioning. We make art and beauty with MAG’s interpretation of space and culture.


we think different,
we design different,
we are different.


Jan graduated from the Hong Kong Polytechnic University. He is a Hong Kong Interior Design Association (HKIDA), 40UNDER40 Outstanding Youth in China (Hong Kong) Design, and has over 14 years of domestic and foreign project design experience. He once served as the head of the business department and design director in the internationally renowned design firm "HASSEL (Hong Kong)" and the domestic well-known commercial design company "Jayne Design J&A", and was responsible for the design of a number of well-known complex projects.

Jan has a keen insight in design work, adhering to "the most suitable design is the best design", is committed to continuous innovation and research, strictly controls every core design idea, coordinates the entire process of design services, and strives to land the project With the high degree of reduction, we can provide customers with more professional and efficient space design services.

Jan Mok  莫炎明


Linc graduated from the Department of Interior Design at Birmingham City University (Birmingham City University). He is a Hong Kong Interior Design Association (HKIDA) and has over 10 years of design experience. He once worked in Hong Kong's well-known interior design firm "Chen Dejian Design Firm" and internationally renowned commercial architecture firm "Hong Kong LEAD 8 Architects", and has design experience in many well-known domestic and foreign projects.

Linc focuses on the design of complexes, leisure and entertainment spaces, has unique international thinking and divergent thinking, has a high enthusiasm for design creative work and design landing control, is good at multi-format integration and planning, and emphasizes on project Perceive the brand connotation and cultural connotation in the medium, and can create more commercial value for the project through its own divergent thinking and diverse experience. Professional and more efficient space design services.

Linc Mok  莫兆明

your mind made you crazy.


K.I Li  李紹瀛

The best six doctors.  
Sunshine, water, rest, air, exercise, design.


K.I is a Hong Kong Interior Design Association (HKIDA), CIID Chinese Architectural Society Interior Design Member, 40UNDER40 Outstanding Young Chinese Design. Has 13 years of design and project management experience. He once worked for "Chen Jianzhong (Hong Kong) Company", and has been deeply involved in the fields of exhibition centers, hardcover residential buildings, office and other fields, and participated in and led the interior design of many high-end real estate development projects in China.

K.I strives for excellence in projects, pays attention to beauty, pursues details, advocates that design comes from life, and has mature team management and resource deployment capabilities. It is highly forward-looking for the application of intelligent high-tech in the future office and residence, and is good at considering the functional applicability and sustainability of each space, and enhancing the comprehensive value of the project.