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Maison du MEZZE

Inspired by the founder’s particular love for the Mediterranean. We take olive, floriculture, Middle Eastern patterns, and the ocean as its design elements, showcasing a style of Mediterranean in multiple dimensions from brand vision to space decoration. To highlight the comfort and freedom of life, the designer leaves the chaotic and luxurious city behind but to create a warm, friendly atmosphere by using olive green as the main tone coupled with wood finishing, deeply attracting people from strange lands.

品牌名MAISON DU MEZZE正是源於其地中海情結。地中海是眾多國家文化依靠一片海域鏈接起來形成一種多元融合的獨特風情,給人以極具開放性、人文自由的感覺。其中MAISON DU來自法語,意為像家一樣的“屋子”,MEZZE意為地中海菜系。設計提取了橄欖、花藝、中東圖形、大海四大元素,負責設計了餐廳的餐牌、名片、禮品袋、杯墊、餐具等,從品牌視覺到空間裝飾,多方位地展現地中海風格。為突出生活的舒適和自由,設計師摒棄了城市的繁瑣和奢華,以橄欖綠的顏色為主調,搭配木飾面,打造出溫暖的情調,抓住廣大異鄉人的心。

Project Area丨300sqm

Project Location丨Hong Kong

Project Type丨Restaurant Design, Branding Design, Floral & Art Driection

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