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The Hunter

The Hunter is a mediterranean restaurant and specialize in traditional charcoal grilled seafood. The design idea is from an ancient city of Heraklion which is a deepsea mysterious city.Our purpose is creating an immersive dining experience and hunting journey. Applying a midnight blue be the main color scheme. Transforming an ocean element to be our design feature. The aquamarine stone be a floor pattern. On the two-side wall mural, the hand drawing glazed tiles recording a hunter’s magical journey.

​設計師Linc Mok從品牌入手,試圖讓每一個到訪者都代入“獵人(THE HUNTER)”的身份,以“獵味”為方向,賦予整個用餐過程一個關於海底探索的故事,傳遞著越“危險”的地方東西越美味,越“難”獲取的食物越加珍惜的理念。因此,MAG以地中海文化和航海元素為設計靈感,以藍色格調為主,打造一個以“Hunt deep, taste deep”為主題的沉浸式餐廳。

Project Area丨300sqm

Project Location丨Hong Kong

Project Type丨Restaurant Design , Branding Design

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