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COCO City Food Court 

Design concept of "creating an exquisite and orderly life paradigm", MAG accurately positions the brand keynote, extracts the brand gene, takes C C C as the brand element, redefines it as combination, connection and creation, and interprets the brand's identity in multiple dimensions through the brand's visual and spatial experience. Rebirth. Based on the location analysis of the project, as well as the investigation of the business distribution, space movement, and consumer groups of the community mall, we urgently need to adjust the commercial positioning, upgrade the brand image, and create a nostalgic commercial complex. On the basis of retaining the space and structure of the original shopping mall, reshape the atrium to create a focal point with radiating force, and inject soul into the new space experience context.

改造一個舊物,由如將它重新注入生命。秉承“打造精緻有序的生活範式”設計理念,MAG精准定位品牌基調,提取COCO City品牌基因,以3 C為品牌元素,重新定義為combination, connection和creation,通過品牌視覺與空間感受,多維度演繹品牌的重生。基於對項目的區位分析,以及對社區mall的業態分佈、空間動線、消費人群等的調查,我們亟需調整商業定位,升級品牌印象,打造令人留戀的商業體。在保留原有商場空間及結構的基礎上,重塑中庭,打造一個具有輻射力的聚焦點,為新的空間體驗脈絡注入靈魂。

Project Area丨5000sqm

Project Location丨ShenZhen

Project Type丨Food Court Interior Design , Branding Design

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