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Temple House

A “private home with Cantonese cultures” hidden in the prosperous city is built. The project is located in the bustling area, on which people can enjoy the scenery of this city. In such a unique area where people can change their lives from busy work, we can adopt and merge Cantonese aesthetics and cultures to create a quiet and carefree place in the center of this city.

粤式“乌托邦” 隐于市、静于心、雅于境,远离喧嚣,悠然自得构筑隐于繁华都市里的“粤文化·私享家”. MAG 打造了一个静谧悠然的城市之心, 质朴的材料,化繁为简的线条, 将空间与文化艺术共存共融体现阳光、健康、开放、透明的价值观, 开展一场现代艺术与广府文化之间的对话

Project Area丨1500sqm

Project Location丨GuangZhou , China

Project Type丨Private lounge Interior Design

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