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Forest Hill Vanke Office

 Fujian, is a "Blessed State" with rivers and seas. Benefit from its superior geographical conditions, Fuzhou has both the traditional Chinese heritage which represented by tea culture and the aesthetic culture of Western art. It is often referred to as the "Forest City Capital". The project is located in this famous historical and cultural city, who also owns leisure and ecology. Therefore, Fuzhou Vanke is trying to create a vibrant workspace ecosystem. Based on the above strategies, MAG studio has devoted themselves to exploring the infinite possibilities of design, combining the traditional office needs of the past with the future modernization, and putting in the ABW work mode of "collaboration-learning-socializing-relaxing-focusing" as the main line , with the concept of "aerobic" running through the entire project, creating new vitality for the post-epidemic office space, and creating a new office ecology of ABW+ sustainable development.

福州——福建的省會城市,是一片派江吻海的“有福之州”。得益於優越的地理條件,福州既有以茶文化為代表的中式傳統底蘊,又有西式藝術美學文化,常被譽為“森林城市之都”。在這個悠閒、綠色的歷史文化名城,福州万科坐落於此,打造極富生命力的工作空間生態系統. MAG設計團隊潛心探索設計的無限可能性,將過去的傳統辦公需求和未來現代化結合,置入“協作——學習——社交——放鬆——專注”為主線的ABW工作模式,加以“有氧”的概念貫穿整個項目,為後疫情時代的辦公場所創造新活力,全新打造ABW+可持續發展的辦公新生態。

Project Area丨4300sqm

Project Location丨FuZhou , China

Project Type丨Office Interior Design

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