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The Hawk & Aster

Based on the brand culture and inspired by the “Aster” in the brand, designers visualized an aster in the space design, using the blooming flower as the design element of the space, which not only reflected in the design of the canopy but also in the spatial details. Then, reinterpreted the relationship between the brand and the shopping mall, breaking the space limitation and constructing a restaurant that could satisfy all-day dining needs.

MAG studio基於品牌定位,重新解讀品牌與商場的關係,打破空間的限制,構建一個可以滿足全天候餐廳需求的場所。設計將場地想像為一個在商場生長而出的空間,如一朵路邊的野花,突出卻不突兀,融於環境場所,亮點與整體在這里達成了平衡的關係。設計從“紫菀”的形態汲取靈感,用花瓣所代表的流動曲線作為天花的設計語言,花瓣般展開的天花造型不僅解決了原來只有部分天花的問題,還在無形間界定了空間範圍,強化了空間感。向外伸展的天花,好比花兒怒放,盡力地展開自己的身軀,綻放自己的美,彷彿被風一吹,它就會隨著風翩翩起舞,美不勝收。

Project Area丨000sqm

Project Location丨Hong Kong

Project Type丨Bistro Design

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