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ShangYang 上陽樓

Inspire by ShangYang Palace, epitomizes the pinnacle of Oriental aesthetics during the Tang Dynasty. The reason for the restaurant named Shang Yang Lou is to utilize the palace as a cultural medium, where the fusion of modern civilization and history can ignite sparks.

Different from the refined ambiance of fine dining and the vibrant atmosphere of Chinese restaurants. Designer combines the marketplace vibe of Chinese eateries with exquisitely elegant Western cuisine. It skillfully interprets the essence of Chinese cuisine through an oriental aesthetic artistic conception, creating a space imbued with an air of sophistication. Shang Yang Restaurant not only embodies the fusion of quaintness and modernity but also caters to diverse customer groups’ preferences for ambiance and environment. 




Project Area丨650sqm

Project Location丨Hong Kong

Project Type丨Restaurant Design & Art Driection

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