A beam of sunlight spills over Shanghai and M&G embraces the sun


M&G Stationery, as one of the world's giant stationery manufacturers, is characterized by its role as a comprehensive stationery supplier with an integration of creative value and service advantage, showing its vision as building a “world-class stationery brand”. Therefore, MAG determined “glorious thriving along with daylight” as its design concept. The concept, being full of youthful spirit and embracing the positive visions, implies that the corporation is the industry leader as the “glorious sunlight in the morning”, exhibiting the vigorous power of Shanghai M&G Stationery headquarter that embraces the positive visions. 


Invited by TVB Hong Kong to share THE HUNTER


Linc Mok, co-founder of MAG Studio, was invited to participate in THE recording of "Home building" on TVB in Hong Kong to share his creative thinking and design concept of THE HUNTER. TVB "Home · Architecture" is a...


MAG was invited to attend the 11th IDEa-TOPS AWARD G10 Designer Summit


K.I Li, Director of MAG Design, was specially invited by Shenzhen Interior Designers Association and Hong Kong Council for Creative Industries and Technology Innovation to attend the IDEA-TOPS Aite Award Ceremony G10 Designers Summit. 


If there are special spaces and tastes on the seabed, would you come?


Tell a story, empower a soul. The texture of the space design is especially important, and more importantly MAG has shaped a new brand for THE HUNTER, from the spatial feel to the details of use, all of which make everyone seem to be immersed in the story of underwater exploration ...... 


MAG was invited to attend the award ceremony of China (Shenzhen) ICIF and China International Space Design Competition 


On 23rd, MAG Studio attended the opening ceremony of the 17th Cultural Expo Longhua Branch; on 18th, MAG attended the 11th China International Space Design Competition and won the Gold Award in the Commercial Space Engineering category. 


MAG Studio joined Shenzhen Interior Designers Association 


On September 15, Ms. Tan Juan, Deputy Secretary General of Shenzhen Association of Interior Designers (SZAID), visited our company for inspection and communication, as well as a membership award ceremony. Ms. Tan Juan introduced the development status of Shenzhen Association of Interior Designers (SZAID), understood the growth history of MAG brand, and expressed her support for the rise and iteration of young designers, and also looked forward to more conversation and cooperation in the future. 


Won German Iconic Awards again


The ICONIC AWARDS: Innovative Architecture, established by the German Design Council to encourage interaction between disciplines, conveys the importance of architectural design to the international public, especially to those who have the visionary power to come up with new inspirations. Headquarters" won the award in the Interior Design category! 


Future in mind
Design ahead


Design, has silently penetrated into all walks of life. It is because it has no uniform standard and no measuring stick, so it has a unique charm, but also with a touch of unspeakable mystery. So what is design?Let's listen to what our MAG design director Linc says.


Guangzhou Vanke office headquarters lighting application design won the Zhorong Award


2021, CBDA 13th "Zhurong Award" Lighting Application Design Competition Shenzhen Award Ceremony and Lighting Design Summit was successfully concluded in Shenzhen on August 5, MAG studio was invited to attend with its new project "Guangzhou Vanke Office Headquarters". Together we witnessed an unforgettable lighting event and design glory! 


Presenting a unique visual feast in a century-old building


MAG Studio has created a brand museum with the theme of "WHITE" while preserving the original brick structure, tiles, arches, stained glass doors and windows of Dai Gong House. 


Guangzhou Vanke Headquarter, 
a top quality project showcasing  practicality and aesthetics


By elaborating the mode of getting along between people and space, reshaping the function of office and life, an organic office space combining ecology, aesthetics, rationality and culture is created, allowing the modern office to maximize the use of space. 


Maintain innocence,
never forget the original intention 


Jan loves design, has a keen insight in life, adhering to the "most suitable design is the best design", committed to continuous innovation and research, strict control of each core design ideas, and strive for a high degree of project implementation, to provide customers with more professional and efficient space design services. 


Traditional community mall micro-renovation
Color attracts a new generation of consumers


How to break the stereotype of community malls, how to transform community malls into compelling "playgrounds", and how to give consumers a reason to walk in again are the answers that traditional community malls need to face now. For shopping centers, keeping up with the times is an important measure to maintain the best business performance and sustainable competitive advantage of shopping centers, and is an important reflection of asset appreciation. 


Put on a white veil in  Dai Mansion and be a time traveler 


A century-old Republican house, a corridor filled with the flavor of history, a row of very European-style arch coupons, a glass window with sunlight, a romantic floating, symbolizing the love of the white gauze ...... 


MAISON DU MEZZE Seeing life from a place of silence 


MEZZE restaurant has taken 6 months to build, every corner and every ingredient is perfected in order to dilute the traditional fast food concept of customers. Whether it's a transient in a hurry looking for a taste of home or a local in Hong Kong coming here to experience the Mediterranean culture, every meal deserves to be taken seriously and every bite is worth savoring ...... 


Go to Yantai Mountain, go to a "parallel time and space" appointment 


Yantai Mountain, which has undergone "urban renewal", needs an investment center as a window of communication, while not wanting to build new buildings, but to preserve the historical mansions and renovate them without affecting the essence of the original building. Therefore, MAG joined hands with Vanke to renovate the more than 100-year-old Chen Chu Li, using the design concept of "parallel time and space" to "revive" Yantai Mountain. 


Guangzhou Vanke Headquarter


It is precisely this critical point between busy on one side and life on the other that MAG reshapes the function of office and life, creating an organic office space that combines ecology, aesthetics, rationality and culture, allowing the modern office to maximize the use of space. 


Grey Space


The "third space" is an essential part of life, a resting place for the soul in addition to life and work, which is the difference in the function of space. When the "third space" extends to the terrace, a kind of ambiguous area that is neither indoors nor outdoors, "gray space" emerges, which is the difference in the form of space. 


Less "third space",
life will lose its soul 


Sociologist Ray Oldenburg proposed that the home we live in is the first space, the workplace is the second space, and the "third space" is a space that is not limited by utilitarian relationships other than family and workplace, and is also an important space for people to exchange ideas, build relationships and create community. It emphasizes the inclusiveness and comfort of space, and can be a personal space or a platform for human connection. 


Speaking emotions with design
A life harbor that comforts the soul 


Guiyang Huaxi Fuze Mausoleum Hospitality Center is located on the east side of the Huaxi Scenic Area, surrounded by the Great General Mountain System - Xian Ren Dong Mountain. Fuze Garden is like a poem in the mountain, a quiet park, a harbor of life to comfort the soul. Therefore, the design of the hospitality center is based on the concept of "poetry of the mountain", giving a new interpretation of "entering the mountain without asking death but seeing life", soothing all poems, regardless of the past and the living. 


40 UNDER 40 in HK
Speak Up for MAG Design


Organized by Guangzhou Design Week, co-organized by Design Puppet and supported by Damien Wallcoverings, the 40 UNDER40 China (Hong Kong-Macau) Design Outstanding Young People (2020-2021) Award Sharing Conference was successfully held, where Linc Mok, Design Director of MAG Hong Kong Studio, was invited to discuss how Hong Kong designers organize professional communities, how to go to the Mainland, and how to add value to each other. He discussed how Hong Kong designers organize professional communities, how to go to the Mainland, how to add value to each other and other topics. 


Future Symbiosis
A simulation adventure about space fusion 


The Changsha BBK project is located in the south of Changsha city, aiming to build a "future symbiotic star", subvert the existing business model by "de-standardization", create a city-level benchmark project, and promote the upgrade and iteration of Changsha Red Star business district. 


After "micro-renovation"
That's how the Influencer became 


The concept of urban renewal originated from the 1949 U.S. housing law "Urban Redevelopment" and has now become a key issue in the process of urban development. From Fuzhou Cangqian Jiuli, Shenzhen Nantou Ancient Town to Guangzhou Yongqing Square, Vanke strives to preserve the traditional culture and memory of the city, and provide more functions and vitality for the development of the city. 


To come back from the dead, what kind of experience is it?


Urban renewal is the transformation of old cities, or "conservation and revitalization" as it is customarily called in Hong Kong. Through reasonable design strategies of conservation, renewal and revitalization, urban areas are revitalized and brought to life from "live" to "fire". 


The "Hermes orange" quietly stunning
Wuxi Chengdi Jinmao Mansion first appearance 


The case is located in Jiangyin City, known as Cheng, named after the "Yin of the Great River", which is a riverside port and garden city. In order to break the status quo of serious homogenization in the real estate design industry, the designer took its "garden", "water town", "leisure", "elegant In order to break the homogeneity of the real estate design industry, the designers took the elements of "garden", "water town", "leisure" and "elegance" and introduced "garden" into "house" to create a unique Jiangyin leisure life. 


MAG Studio won international awards


The project "Guangzhou Yongqingfang Investment Center" was successfully designed in 7 days and landed in 30 days, and won several international professional awards among a large number of works worldwide. 


MAG Studio 1st Anniversary
What qualifies us and makes us good enough


MAG S tudio is a joint venture between MAG Hong Kong and the top architectural team Hopper Corporation, an interior design team with international vision, overseas design experience and international management, and has won numerous international professional awards. We dare to break the tradition and provide branded personalized space professional customization for diversified projects, injecting culture and reshaping space to create a refined and orderly living paradigm. 


Comming soon……